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Quasi-Mystical Vision
Artist: Yes
Title: Quasi-Mystical Vision
Unique_Id: QUASI
Format: CD
Catalog: TR-235 Turtle Records
Misc.: FM concert
Produced: 1992, Australia
Date: 760606
Cover: Shiny cardboard 'digi-pack' format, with a plastic tray cemented into the center of a cross-shaped cardboard cover. The 4 protruding flaps fold over each other to form a standard sized 5"x5"x1/4" CD cover. Cover is a picture of a horse head (with horse still attached) against a black background with relatively plain typography.
Sources: 06 June 1976; Roosevelt Stadium, NJ, USA
Tracks: Siberian Khatru 
Sound Chaser 
I've Seen All Good People 
The Gates of Delirium (part of "Soon" got clipped) 
Long Distance Runaround (bad fade-in) 
Clap (loss of stereo left channel intermittently) 
Heart of the Sunrise 
Band: Jon Anderson  
Steve Howe  
Chris Squire  
Patrick Moraz 
Alan White
Xref: Mark's LP (LP)
Quality: Ex stereo 
Minor technical glitches that do not detract from the full enjoyment of this disk! Some problems with the stereo channels bouncing back and forth, but the overall sound is superb. 
Comments: The band was in great shape at this stage in their live career, with 1976 being the first of "The Great Live Years".  

Contains the definitive versions of "Gates..." and "Sound Chaser" (be prepared to throw away your copy of Yesshows). Even though Relayer is not one of my favorite studio albums, it's hard to stay away from these live versions. This makes the cut on "Soon" all the more painful! 

Anderson's voice grew appreciably in range at this point in life, and he's never sounded better or more relaxed ("I've Seen All Good People"). Good Moraz keyboards on Relayer material. Moraz does not try to match Wakeman's arrangements of Classic Yes material, but sounds good nevertheless (...Tony Kaye, are you listening?) on "Heart of the Sunrise". 

"Sunhillow" does not sound like any specific SONG from Olias, but hits on enough of Olias' themes to sound like it belongs there. 

The full Roosevelt Stadium concert (as well as the Mark's LP bootleg) contained a devastatingly good "Ritual", which couldn't fit on here because this has only one disc. Perhaps someday, Yes (the band) or some smart bootlegger will do this right, and release this as a 2-disc set with "Ritual" AND without a trimmed "Soon". Until then, all we have is Quasi Mystical Vision, which fills the gap quite well indeed. 

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