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Sorcerer's Apprentice
Artist: Yes
Title: Sorcerer's Apprentice
Format: LP
Catalog: IMPYES4, Idle Mind Productions
Misc.: Audience Recording
Date: 750621
Cover: Plain white cardboard cover with 12" x 17" white paper insert, featuring a pen and ink "adaption" of a Roger Dean painting, Greenslade. The extra 5" of the insert folds over and lists the song titles.
Sources: 21 June 1975; Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California, USA
Tracks: Gates of Delirium 
Your Move (acoustic) 
Mood for a Day 
Long Distance Runaround (acoustic) 
Moraz Solo 
And You and I 
Band: Jon Anderson 
Steve Howe 
Chris Squire 
Patrick Moraz 
Alan White 
Quality: Excellent-minus, audience recording 
Comments: Probably one of the best sounding, audience-recorded bootlegs from the 70's. Jon Anderson's voice is placed well in the mix, and all instruments are clear and in true stereo, that is, it is possible to actually hear stereo separation in the music, not just in the audience noises. Another major plus is that there are no cuts in the middle of any songs. 

And now the bad news: the bass is weak, typical of all audience recordings. And the LP is cut on the slow side, which is all-too-common for Yes bootleg LPs. It definitely needs speeding up, courtesy of the turntable pitch control. 

Although it's too short (a 2 LP set would have been more satisfying), Sorcerer's Apprentice is a great snapshot of how Yes sounded like in 1975. It is similar in many ways to Yes at QPR, but at least the band and the sound technicians made fewer mistakes here. Highlights of this album are the all-acoustic "Your Move" and "Long Distance Runaround" as well as "And You and I", where it is obvious that the maturing Yes (at the time) was growing close to becoming the ultimate live act. 

ZMOQ recommends: If you come across this one don't hesitate to snap it up. In the context of Yes' entire live career, from this signpost, the best is coming- just up and around the next bend...

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