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Yesshows '77
Artist: Yes
Title: Yesshows '77
Unique_Id: YESHOW77
Format: LP
Catalog: YESLB
Misc.: Audience Recording
Date: 770926
Cover: Plain white cardboard cover with 12" x 17" yellow/gold paper insert, with picture that is identical to the back cover of Yesterdays by Roger Dean. The extra 5" of the insert folds over the back cover and lists the song titles. 
Sources: 26 September 1977; Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California, USA
Tracks: Parallels  
Colours of the Rainbow  
Turn of the Century  
Here in Long Beach  
Going For the One  
Dialogue excerpts from The Monkees' Head film   
Band: Jon Anderson   
Steve Howe   
Chris Squire   
Rick Wakeman   
Alan White
Quality: VG plus stereo, audience recording
Comments: One of the only two Yes bootlegs that were recorded during the Going For the One tour in 1977. Both of them were taken from audience tape sources, but they are relatively decent-sounding. This LP was cut at the correct speed. It is easy to feel a little shortchanged, because the music runs only 35 or-so minutes and the album was padded, for some inexplicable reason, with dialogue excerpts from a Monkees film.   

The setlist of the songs here (with the exception of "Roundabout") is somewhat "rare", simply because they were performed in 1977 only, and were dropped from all subsequent tours. Sadly, the bootleggers did not include "Awaken" on this album, even though it would have easily fit had they dropped "Roundabout" and the film dialogue.  

Yes was very tight at this point, and all of the songs were performed well. "Roundabout" sounds basically the same as it did in the 1978 and 1979 tours. The most important number here is "Turn of the Century". Beautifully sung, the spell is broken by a brutal edit in the middle instrumental portion. Damn.  

I cannot sincerely recommend Yesshows '77 for everyone, because of the bizarre song selection ("Parallels" and "GFtO" were not exactly favorites among Yes fans) and the recording quality. It is possible to hear much better-sounding versions of these songs on Yesshows SD 2-510, Atlantic Records' legitimate release.   

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