Neil Diamond- "Yes I Will" Quadraphonic Version

You may wonder why I'm such a Quad-head. After hearing Serenade in Quad, I ran out to buy Quadraphonic stereo equipment and went on a massive record-hunt (ongoing) to locate Quad albums. I have over 30 of them now.

So, what's the big deal? I'd say that it's the alternate versions of songs that keeps me going. Of course, most of the time, you wouldn't get anything as fascinating as an alternate take very often, but when you do... it makes the hunt worthwhile. Usually, Quad albums contain alternate stereo mixes, but do not alter the actual song itself.

I have written two articles about Serenade. But the description of what I hear in words can only go so far, so this page is devoted to letting you hear a segment of "Yes I Will" for yourselves, so you'll know why I went head over heels over Quad.

 Neil Diamond- Yes I Will Quadraphonic Version
 (requires .MP3 player)
 Neil Diamond- Lady Magdelene Quadraphonic Version
(requires .MP3 player)

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"Yes I Will" and "Lady Magdelene" written and performed by Neil Diamond.

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