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Record Collecting/Stereo Geek Stuff
  • Half-Speed Mastering- You've seen the records- ever wonder what they are, and what Half-Speed really means? A quick look at audiophile records.
  • Dolby Noise Reduction- Have you ever wondered about that "Dolby" switch on your tape deck? A primer on Dolby Noise Reduction.

Bootleg Information
  • The Bootleg Manifesto/FAQ- Useful information that clears up common misconceptions about bootleg records.
  • CD-R Trading in the Modern Age CD-R Trading has recently supplanted tape trading as the preferred method of expanding one's collection of rare music. This page explains a few things about the CD-R trading world, tailored for newbies.

Queen (The Rock Group)
  • Queen II- The Concept AlbumAn interpretation of the Queen II album and how most of the songs tie together as a concept.
  • The Queen Box of Tricks- A full write up of the 1992 Queen collector's box containing rare audio, video and a plethora other toys. 

Yes (The Rock Group)

Neil Diamond Collector's Corner Neil Diamond Satire Pages
  • NEIL Fangirl Magazine! Announcing the magazine that every Neil fangirl has ALWAYS wanted! All your dreams are ready to come true! Come take a look at our fab fan rag! Subscription information also included! Read very carefully to appreciate every detail!
  • Neil Diamond's Third Lost Triplet Found! The controversial page that just couldn't be censored, censured or shut down! Find out who Neil's third triplet is, what he's been doing and what he's doing NOW! Contains some political humor. May offend certain types of people who bristle at the word "Iraq", even if the intent is humor, irony and social commentary.
  • Neil Diamond was Kidnapped by Aliens! At last! The full expose behind a conspiracy hidden for 25 years! Find the REAL truth about "You Don't Bring Me Flowers"! About an elaborate cover-up by the record company! The reasons why Neil became a MOR artist!
  • Diamondville- The World's Only Neil Diamond Theme Park! Check out the new Neil Diamond theme park! Watch out, Disneyland! Take a look our page and make plans to book your next vacation with us!
  • A Toy Story: The Ken Doll Who Wanted to be Neil- A flight of fancy, starring Barbie, Ken, GI Joe, The Fonz and Neil Diamond.

Andy Kim Collector's Corner

  • Kiss Destroyer in 1/32 scale- This is for real: scratch-built, custom 1/32 scaled figurines of the rock group, Kiss. 
  • Neil Diamond Clocks- A demonstration of "how to" make something that only exists now as a photograph in a tour program. See it. Want it. Can't buy it. Make It. Done!
  • How to Make Your Own Neil Diamond Life-Sized Standup- You saw it in the movie "Saving Silverman" and you want one. This is how to make it yourself!
  • IBM System 370 in miniature- I built this when I was in school. Betcha that I own the only one of these in existence! (who else would want one?) Now with a 2540 card reader!
  • ZMOQ's Crayfish Webpage! I raise crayfish as pets. They're fun! Here's some tank set-up tips, art projects for the aquarium, and photos of my crayfish getting into some "midnight mischief".
  • Vicious Crayfish Mugging! 3 juvenile delinquent crayfish attack innocent feeder fish. WARNING! GRAPHIC VIOLENCE!!! Parental Discretion advised.
  •  How to make a Tiki Mask- Instructions on how to make decorative Tiki masks for almost zero cost. This set was for Halloween 2008 at work.

Z's Soapbox
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Running a Message Board- Are you considering starting up your own message board, chat room or chat board? I've been around the block a few times, and boy, do I have some advice on how to run one! This list was compiled from real-life observations that I've made over a period of 2 years.

More of My Writings

I have written other articles that reside on other websites. Here's a few links: 



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